Saturday, 7 January 2012

Poster Design

Hey y'all

So I roughed out a couple of poster ideas, discussed with el director and so far have 2 that I like.
Looking for feed back. I'd like to reference more posters and see if I can parody any famous posters successfully. Here's what I have so far.

 So this is clearly the a Goonies parody. They're all hanging from a flamingo. I thought it would be neat to put the wrestling ring in the background so they'd be flying over it, as well as the landscape surrounding it.
 This is basically the same design as one of the Indiana Jones posters. Scene in the background was changed for another idea. Charles thought the second one looked a bit empty compared to the first, but maybe a better scene. Something to do with Agila fighting el chumbo.
 Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated on these. Or if anyone has any ideas for other posters they like that might work well with the characters in el flamingo.



  1. It might be a neat idea to explore a poster in the style of one of these:

    It's old school horror films staring Santos the Luchador. I think it'd be fun to see.

  2. ahah I like the examples meg suggested fit the epic and the style


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