Sunday, 29 January 2012

"Hey MTV, I'm Aguila and welcome to my crib."

Here is the first pass of Aguila's living room. Is it tacky/frilly/mexican enough? I was having trouble making it look tacky and keeping it simple-looking at the same time.

Devin and I discussed and this is where we imagine where El Flamingo and Aguila will be sitting. The idea is to have El Flamingo in trapped in the corner and hold him in with some vertical lines around him like jail bars (wassup layout class!)


  1. Replies
    1. Temporary photos. I didn't know who to put in there.
      And Pac Man could be mexican. He could be a celebrity that Aguila knows.

  2. FUCKIN DOPE YO. Dig this so hard!

  3. Damn cool, man. Just a few very minor things I'd like to over with you.

  4. Good idea on making him feel trapped. Although when he's on that side of the couch he's more in the center of the image, and it's hard to make him seem like he doesn't belong. He would feel more isolated on the far side away from everyone on the lamp side I think. Then he's further on the edge of the picture.

    Great drawings and ideas guys!!!



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