Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Layout jobs

Hey everybody, I've liked everything that has come in so far to the blog, but we should get more definite Layout jobs by getting everybody to choose which back grounds they want to design and then go into and do the close ups and such on them:

So just simply edit the post and put your name where you want it, there can be multiple concepts and designers on each, but we need at least one on each layout

Meg, Jenn - Mexican Village from a far (More or less an establishing shot Sunrise/Sunset)

Meg, Tara - His house as a child (exteriors/ interiors)

Devin, Jenn -Wrestling Arena (exteriors/ interiors)

Devin, Tara -City streets (there will need to be a few shots here/ Mostly Pan)

Meg-Desert at night (More simple and straight forward)

Everybody-Flamingo Pit (There'll need to be a few shots in here, so if everybody could work together here it would be good)

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