Monday, 16 April 2012

QUICK meeting Tomorrow after Acting Class

Quick El Flamingo session after acting.
Won't be longer then fifteen minutes, just quickly to see where we are all
at as a group.
And if you want to show us stuff do it before you cram on your Traditional Animation project.

Friday, 13 April 2012

El Flamingo Final Week Schedule

Animation: Tweak and Hook up your scenes correctly to the last one! - they're all due Thursday at class, so if I see you leaving them to Wednesday night I will not be a happy slappy Production Manager

Layout: Separate your clouds and make sure your line arts are done well!
Make a separate file for each scene, and fielded to the proper size.
Make sure all the crowds are in there!    ------------All DUE MONDAY

(I will be checking and going through the hardrive on Tuesday, and spamming you if you didn't do all this!)

Compositors: Take a breather and prepare for the storm

Love your friendly neighbourhood Production Manager,
Aaron Lecools