Sunday, 22 January 2012

Model Building Meeting Idea

So an Idea I had to help with model building. is when all the designs are done (This Tuesday) I was thinking I could print them all out and us Builders could all have a meeting in how we will break them all down. so that were all one the same page for it. Plus to help out if there any questions or help wanted.

Hopefully all the builders have downloaded the Candy Bayou model I posted a while ago to study and play with. It will be similar with the Tucker model we just animated with. But our models will be a lot more well built and have a few tricks here and there to make animating Quicker.

I'm not sure when Barney will teach us how to build professional models. But I studied the Candy Bayou one With Sam/Steph/Rafa last year. and with playing around with models of my own. I have a strong idea on how to start them.

Not to mention we all already built models in Toonboom, so there are some similarity.

So lets keep staying ahead. We are all ready kicking some hard ass on this movie. Lets kick that ass into a mush of some disgusting pudding that will than be used to make sound effects for our film with my pro mic in HB's living area!!!!

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  1. I'll show you model building this week to ease the pain. Good stuff dude!


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