Saturday, 18 February 2012

What's due this week?

So what do you got to do on top of your other homework? Well I'll tell you

Character Design:
-Design some babies with there moms! (at least 3 of each) ...whoever does this will get Banana
pancakes from me
-Mouth and hand design for characters who talk

Character Modelling: 
- Rotations of main characters - By Tuesday 21st!!!
- all hands, and mouths for them too after they're designed- Before class on Thursday!
-BG Characters by Friday 24th

-Get line work done for a layout, each of you! Or two, or three if your adventurous - By Tuesday 21st!!!
-Painters, paint them if they get ok'd before then (then you get high five)

-Keep working on it, try to rip off those songs we stole for Leica

Scene Set-up: 
-Learn and listen to Barney in class haha

Deadlines should be treated like a real project, things are getting too close to the end to push things back anymore 
          ...soooooo....NO EXCUSES!!!!


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