Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Character build specifications!

This is how your characters should be built

-the whole character will be inside a symbol. The symbol should be named CHR_charactername
-it will be on it's on layer inside the scene

-inside the character symbol, each body part will be a symbol in it's layer.
-each symbol body-part should be named Charactername_part.
-the different views will be put in different frames, in sequence. (leave it there for the animators to have a library of standard poses)

-use the same symbol for repeated limbs. The different drawings will be inside that symbol.

-the head will have it's own parts inside itself. Each part will be a symbol on it's own.
-the eyes are built by masking the pupil inside the white area.

Finally, the file itself will be named as Aaron stipulated: CHRBUILD_CHARACTER_INTIALS_V#

HB is a pope!
Go get them gang! Do it or Aaron will creep into your bedroom while you sleep!

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