Sunday, 26 February 2012

Schedule for Reading Break

Hey everybody, reading break is upon us and here's what I'd like to see from you guys when we get back for week 8:

Character Design: Design some 3 babies and 3 mothers (3/4 front view) they don't have to be cleaned up
-Will need main characters drawn in one off poses (check boards in Leica reel) This is needed, So would be very appreciated if it was being worked on

Layout: There's a lot of BGs, so I want to see pretty much every shot roughed at least, a good amount should have clean enough lines to paint
- I want to see some painted ones
(Contact Devin for help and approvals on roughs, or Yochie or Charles Director. Jones)

Character Builders: -Fix up rotations and other characters
-Work on one off poses (might need character designers to draw out certain ones rough)
-Finish random characters
(let's get these all done by Wed. March 7th at least, then we can get final approval on Thursday by Barney, then we start Animating!!!!)        (So, no lame excuses, we're all busy)

Animation: Rank scenes easy, med to hard

Scene Set-up: You'll b e taught soon enough

Poster: I need see some of it painted

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