Friday, 16 December 2011

Winter Break Ideal Schedule

Good morning sexy brother
I know we just finished a monster semester with too many late nights. But if we can get some stuff done over the break then all the better for fourth semester.

As for the writing team we need to go in and trim out a little more of the script, just to speed it along when it slumps in the middle, among other things you guys think are unnecessary.

(If the script can get trimmed out between the start of break and new years it would be good, you guys can all skype or just talk amongst yourselves)

For Layout we have plenty of location designs to do:
-Mexican Village from a far
-His house as a child
-Wrestling Arena
-City streets
-Desert at night
-Flamingo Pit (This is where a lot of the montage takes place, so read the script on the google docs
to take into consideration what might need to be in the flamingo pit and around the pit)

(Layouts would be best to get done by New Years, and anybody who does one or all of them can post them online and the Director, Charles D. Jones can take a look)

Storyboard can do thumbnails, so we can revise and clean them when we get back.

(The Boards can get done anytime over the break, as long as there's a take on all the scenes by the time we get back to the guys can also set up a skype date that works for your schedules)

As for Character design, we can start finalizing some designs, and start thinking of background characters...people in audience, the young boy at the end, etc. (anybody in Char. design can start working on these incidental characters). This way we can character build in the first few weeks when we get back for fourth semester.

(This is another thing we can do during the break anytime, cause we already have enough for the board artists to get to work on the generalities of the characters)

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